Dear Members ,

I will remind you that it is a violation of the forum RULES to discuss ingame or forum bans.
Therefore we opened this topic, the only place where you are allowed to discuss and request Ban/Unban of your character.

Please follow this guide on how to request an Unban:

1. Your main account username
2. reason for why you got banned
3. When did you get banned
4. Who banned you
5. Your comment of why we should unban you


1. Johny123
2. i cursed a gm
3. 23/01/2015
4. Antares
5. i was very angry and i didnt mean it.

Ban request - if you belieave someone is using hacks, cheats or exploiting a bug or made a violation of our rules you can report him here so we can investigate this matter.
Unbans for Cheats/Hacks/L2Walkers/Klickers and other programs that plays the game for You wont be discussed and there would be no way to unban it, unbanns for hacks/cheats are strickly forbiden.
Bots will get released only by contributing to our project (Check Donation Page) and by that supporting us and our players in gmae.
* Please provide as many details as you can , screenshots and so on.