Hey fellow gamers,

We are glad to announce our 1st GM event that will take place in Giran Castle this Saturday at 20:00 +1 GMT, and hopfully all players will perticipate and get rewarded.
Please note that the GMs will give as a prize something that people will vote for, we have many things like sigils armors and many other stuff we can give.
Please tell us what You want us to give to the winning person who will fined the treasure!

The events goes like this:
1st- GM will announce all players about staying at the middle of Giran Castle.
2nd- GM will disappear and go drop a box of treasures somwhere in the vast place of Giran Castle.
3ed- GM will announce the start and all players will run (By foot- GMs will check that) and seek that treasure box.
Last- The best Seeker who fineds the box will get rewarded!

These event s will take place every week so many players could play and get rewarded!
The Items that GMs might give are ordinairy Grade S/Noble S MAX, no S80-S84 will be given at 1st month untill the community of our gamers will grow very large!

We will try to make an event each week so You all could be rewarded, most rewards wont be too expenssive so we could hold the equilibrium on the server.
We would not in any way break server balance, thats one of the reasons why we dont have a donation Page yet!

Any way gamers, HOPE to see You all ingame!

altGamers Staff!