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    Official Server Start We start at the 20th of January 20:00 +1 GMT
    Exp/Sp: x20 Adena: x13 Drop/Spoil: x10 Quest Drop: x4 Enchant Safe/Max: +4/+12 Normal Scroll (Enchant): 52% Blessed Scroll: 60% Attribute St.Rate: 40% Attribute Cr.Rate: 30% Buff/Dance Slots: 24/12 Buff Time: 2 hours Max. Clients Per PC: 4 Nevits Blessing: Active *Auto Loot*
    Server, and Forum Time: GMT+1 Anti-Bot (LAMEGUARD + Report system) Geodata and Pathnodes Sub-Class Max. Level: 85 Off-line Shop mode Off-line Buffers mode Auto Learn Skills Vitality System Unique Community Board Droplist Search Engine Auction System Champions System Wedding System More information about Server Commands, Territory Wars + Sieges, Full Features, Grand Boss Respawns, Instances requirements can be found in game through ALT+B Community Board!
    Last Hero GvG Fantasy Isle TvT+ TvT Arena Lineage 2 Day And many more (Made by GM's) Website: http://www.l2alternativegamers.com Olympiad Heroes are chosen each two weeks, at 15th and 1st of each month. System helps You to make fair matches except the 3 vs. 3 player system event. Starting points are 50, You will gain 25 each week. Max enchant on Olympiad is +6 even if the enchants are Max. All joining tonight will recieve a welcome bonus gift by our GM's So check us out and see you all tonight ! Some other Gizmos
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    Hall 1 I. Thesis & Definition The purpose of this paper is to investigate the trend of vegetarianism and its steady increase in popularity in the United States, the possible causes behind the existence of this trend, its effects on our general society and the practicing population, and finally, the future of vegetarianism. For the purpose of this paper vegetarianism is described as a plantbased diet (fruits, vegetables, etc), though the most important factor being the total exclusion of meat, not including fish for most practitioners.
    The Meaning behind “Vindicated” The speaker in “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional is the teenager inside all of us, and this understanding is vital in comprehending the meaning of the song. The contradictory lines (813) and overall sense of confusion helps us to better relate to the way we felt in our teen years. Perplexed and unsure of ourselves, we may not really know which way is up. But no matter what, we are correct, just because we do not want to be wrong. In the first stanza we are captivated by hope, because it “dangles on a string” before us, not quite in our grasp, because even though we are aware of it, we do not fully have a handle on what it means to be hopeful (1).
    Introduction The onset of the industrial revolution in the late 19 century created a host of new challenges for the managers. Some of these challenges included the need to increase the workforce effectiveness. Therefore, early futurist suggested theories that they believe if applied would result in higher management efficiency. Such theory were based on the fundamental believe that employee should be actively supervised and monitored (Jone & George 2008). However, Douglas McGregor challenged this notion.
    Modems The main reason for using a Modem that commercial quality telephone circuit is limited to a bandwidth of 3003.400 Hz which gives you a bandwidth of 3.1 KHz bandwidth which is not wide enough to transmit digital signals without the introduction of distortion. Therefore the digital signal must be converted into an analogue signal before being transmitted over the telephone network, this also applies to the distant end so the received analogue signal must be converted back into the original digital form.
    Act, the USA PATRIOT Act On October 26, Bush signed the act into law. State legislatures soon enacted similar antiterrorist legislation, through which, the war on terrorism expanded, most significantly at the state and local levels. This new legislation severely curtailed civil rights and liberties. The detainees at Guantanamo Bay is only the most prominent example of the administration's regulatory Practices and new policies during its "war on terrorism." The detainees are not officially On U.S.

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    DESCRIPTION: The career as broadcast or sound technicians and radio operators requires technical skill in the candidate. Broadcasting technicians and Sound Technicians can achieve a successful career with the increase in experience. KEYWORDS: Broadcast Technicians, Sound Technicians, Radio operators, Ham Radio Operators, Amateur Radio Operators, Sound Operators, Sound Engineering Technicians SYNOPSIS: 1. Broadcast Technicians, Sound Technicians, Radio Operators. 2. Tasks 3. Qualifications Required 4. Other necessary Skills 5. Place of Work 6. Job Opportunities 7. Remuneration 8. Job Progress 9. Employment Forecast Broadcast Technicians, Sound Technicians, Radio Operators Broadcast technicians and sound technicians are trained employees in a firm where audios and videos are dealt with.
    Freedom is a personal liberty to which Americans have been entitled since the signing of the Constitution. During the beginning of the twentieth century, a crisis mightily challenged this liberty. Capitalist industry was at its prime. Large businesses were drawing in millions of dollars. A large contributor to this industrial success was cheap labor. By the early 1900s, America’s working class was turning into a flotsam due to unregulated businesses taking advantage of vulnerable laborers. Big business’s insatiable desire for growth was driving America’s social and economic forces – defining “pursuit of happiness” almost exclusively in terms of economic success.
    Freud suggested/believed that children who are fixed in the oral stage of the psychosexual stages are mostly the children who develop depression; people who are often stuck in the oral stage can have not seen the necessity to move forward to the other stages due to being overly loved in the first few years of childhood. The main explanation of developing depression according to Freud (a psychodynamic psychologist) is that a loss of a loved one or something very important to them, the loss can be real or something imagined (Lowry 1984) is the main cause for developing depression.

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    The Importance of Flight in Song of Solomon Flight is a major theme in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon. “Flight echoes throughout the story as a reward, as a hopedfor skill, as an escape, and as proof of intrinsic worth; however, by the end this is not so clear a proposition”(Lubiano 96). Song of Solomon ends with ‘flight’ but in such a way that the act allows for multiple interpretations: suicide; "real" flight and then a wheeling attack on his "brother"; or "real" flight and then some kind of encounter with the (possibly) killing arms of his brother.
    Egypt was the first to set up a printing press in 1822, and during the reign of Muhammad Ali, textile and cotton mills, wood mills, glassworks, and a paper mill had been established. Due to the encroaching Europeans, some African states modernized their military spheres as well. The best examples of this are: Menelik of Ethiopia, who “replaced his unpaid feudal army with a wellequipped army of professional soldiers and built factories to produce cannons and mortars” (Boahen, 9), and Samori Ture, the West African general and empire builder who “reformed and modernized his army and equipped it with some of the latest, most sophisticated weapons of the day” (Boahen, 9).
    Liberation, Rebellion and Relevance In “The Rebel an essay on man in revolt,” Albert Camus (1956) muses on the absurd origins of rebellion and art and their significance to the individual and society. While reading Camus I began to think about how important art really is and how appalling some of the trends in education and arts funding apparently are. This is what inspired me to write this paper but my intention is not to directly address any of the many and various issues concerning arts education and public funding for the arts.
    My topic for the report is Thermodynamics Maxwell Relations, and in this report I will show how to derive the Maxwell Relations, as well as give several examples of how and when they are supposed to used. The change in U depend on the changes in the system entropy, volume and XI’s this idea may be abbreviation (11) U = U(S, V, XI) In system of constant mass and composition, whose work can be expressed only in terms of its PV properties, there are no X’s and U is changed only by reversible heat and P dV work.
    LSD was invented in Switzerland by Albert Hofmann, a researcher for Sandoz pharmaceuticals. It did not spontaneously appear among the youth of the Western world as a gift from the God of Gettin’ High. The CIA was on to acid long before the flower children. So, for that matter, were upstanding citizens like TimeLife magnate Henry Luce and his wife, Clare Boothe Luce, who openly sang the praises of their magical mystery tours during the early sixties. Henry, a staunch conservative with close connections to the CIA, once dropped acid on the golf course and then claimed he had enjoyed a little chat with God.

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    The thought of a utopia, where everyone is exactly the same, must appeal to some in need, such as the homeless and the poor. Those people would think that their lives would be better with the transition of our society. However, this is the wrong move to make and we should stay with our current, even if flawed form of government. The first point I have to make is the high cost that we must pay to move to such a point. America, for example has the Constitution to ensure freedoms are preserved. The US Constitution has basic rights and freedoms that are ensured regardless of what may come.
    Capybara The capybara is the largest rodent in the world. The capybara’s name comes from the native people of South America. It means "master of the grass." The scientific name of the capybara is hydrochoerus hydrochaeris, which means "water pig" in Greek. Capybaras have been in existence since the Pleistocene epoch. Their ancient ancestors were rodents that lived about sixty million years ago. The average size of a capybara is four feet in length and two feet in height.
    Exploring the Ways the British Government Attempted to Hide the Effects of the Blitz from the People of Britain This essay is going to investigate the ways in which the British government attempted to hide the effects of The Blitz from the people. The government realized that by maintaining the morale of the people, it would be one of the key elements to winning the war. The casualty numbers were steadily increasing and the people suffered mentally and physically from the shock of it all.

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